Monday, June 27, 2016

"You've Had a Birthday!"

Birthdays are kind of one of my favorite things!  
Here is an idea for the song: 

 I have done this one for years and it's easy and fun!  I bought these megaphones from Party City.  
(note: when I bought them 6+ years ago they were $1.50 each... now they are $2.99. Boo... :(  
On a good note, they are very good quality and have held up great without fading or cracking.)

Here is what you do:
 Have the birthday child(ren) come up and choose a color megaphone.  
Then have them practice saying "Hooray!"  into the megaphone. 
 (Some are not as exuberant as others.  I sometimes have to give them a few practices... :)  
Explain when you point to them they get to say their part ("Hooray!")  with excitement because it is in fact their birthday and they have every right to be excited!  

Then we sing the song!

You've had a birthday; shout "Hooray!" 
(Singing and piano pause for the birthday child(ren) say in unison "Hooray!")
We want to sing to you today.
One year older (hold up 1 finger) and wiser, too,
Happy birthday
(clap) to you.

I little bonus with these megaphones is that they already come with the word "SHOUT" on the side!  Now that's something to get excited about and definitely deserves a 'shout' out! 
No prep needed... HOO-RAY!


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