Sunday, February 12, 2017

"Choose the Right"- egg shakers and body percussion

I am so excited about this idea!!!!  We will be doing it today!
I am using it to teach the 3rd verse of "Choose the Right" but it could easily be applied to learning or reviewing any song...

Watch these 2 clips... they will give you the idea of how this activity works!  The first one watch the entire way through, but the rumble ball one just watch the first minute or so...

Set Up:
Arrange chairs in a circle, one for each child and teacher.
(note: we have a large primary so I received permission to use the cultural hall and also I am doing all singing/sharing time, so I hope to be able to get through all the activities... adjustments may need to be made according to the time you have)

I have provided the information below in a printable and editable word document... 
just click on the link below:

 Sit all the children and teachers on chairs in a circle

“Give Said the Little Stream”  cs236 (clap on “gives” stand on “S” words)

Attention Activity:
Rub hands
Cup clap low
Alternate clap/ cup clap low
Pat legs
Rub legs
Stomp feet
Rub legs
Pat legs
Rub hands
Wiggle/shake fingers
Wave alternating hands
Flip hands back and forth
Pat neighbors hand
Slowly pat your own hand and then neighbors
Speed up

Start singing!
Echo sing verse (you sing a line- everyone else sings echo)
Sing chorus together

Sing song again all the way through

Egg pass- sing the song passing egg shakers one at a time until everyone has one

 Ball Activity:
Shake your eggs to fit the action of the ball

Toss ball in the air a few times
Bounce ball a few times
Roll ball across the ground
Bounce like basketball
Bounce ball and let it stop on own
(Invite a teacher or older child to bounce the ball)

Egg Shaker Activity:
Sing the song passing the egg to the right on word “right” and left on word “light”

Clap on word “choose”

Combine passing and clapping

Sing the song again and have them pass them in (just like they were passed out)

Keep singing until all the eggs are back in the basket

Thursday, January 26, 2017

What's Missing?- Review Idea

A review game I used for "As a Child of God" but it could easily be adapted and used for any song...

What's Missing?
 On this board I had these items hung up using magnets
(some with magnet clips, others with magnets taped to the back of them)

The primary children looked at the board for 30 seconds to begin with (usually while I gave instructions) and then the board is removed  (we took it behind the piano by a presidency member who was helping).  
A child was chosen to come up and remove an item.  
We sang the review song while the item was being picked.  
When the song was over the board came back out.  
If a child figured out what was missing, they would raise their hand.  I would call on them and if they got it right, they got to pick the next item to take off the board.  
Whatever item was found missing would have a song to sing with it.
We did not add the item back, but kept it off, so the game got easier as it went on, but the children were anxious to know what song went with each item. 

A number of them were for the review song, but others were wiggle/fun songs.  Some items were for the review song but would indicate a certain way to sing it.  It was fun and low prep.  Gather random things from your house and put them on a board.  I have seen this done on a tray but with the size of my primary it wouldn't be possible to be seen by the entire group unless I had it up.  It worked well and both Junior and Senior had a great time!

Here is the list of what my items were and what they stood for:

“As a Child of God” song items:
 CTR ring
CTR magnet

Smiley face ball- catch and sing (up on the air don't sing, in my hand do)
Boy and girl- boys sing, girls sing
  Flashlight- lights out

Other songs:
Maraca (“I Wiggle” 271)
Bird (“In the Leafy Treetops” 240)
Nest (“Birds in the Tree” 241)
Sunglasses (“Popcorn Popping” 242)
Glove (“My Hands” 273)
Duck (“Give Said the Little Stream” 236)
Snowflake (“Rain is Falling” 241)
Sun ("Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam" 60)
Rolling pin (“Roll Your Hands” 274)
Sock (“Once There Was a Snowman” 249)
Spider (“Oh, How We Love to Stand” 279)

"Rain Is Falling"

Is has been raining here.  And this made me break out my rain cloud.  I made this 10-12 years ago and so my directions on how to make it may be a little vague.  Also, the prop is not in perfect condition anymore, but I think it has held up pretty well considering its age! :)

Here is what it looks like.  It's pretty big in size (see measurements below) and you use it by sticking the nozzle of the spray bottle through the hole from the back and spraying.  
I use it as a wiggle song.  To get the children's attention first I usually walk around the room spraying the bottle.  If they are not paying attention, they sure will be when they feel the mist of water! (I use the mist setting on the bottle.)  Then I ask about it raining and if they saw, felt, heard the rain lately... Then I start to sing "Rain is Falling"  I usually have to sing it a couple times to get through the whole primary room.

 Here are the rough dimensions of the cloud and dowels used to hold it up.  I hand sketched a cloud from a poster board and then cut it out.  I then used a long dowel (just under .5" thickness) and cut it to fit the cloud.  I then hot glued the dowels to the poster board.  I also cut a hole to fit the nozzle through. (see dimensions above for my cloud)


 I also used hot glue around the edge of the hole so that the water would be repelled a bit and wouldn't warp the poster.  It has definitely done the trick!

For the front, I used batting.  I hot glued it on making sure to leave bumps and billows in the middle section to make it look fluffy.  Then trim around the edge and you have it- your own rain cloud!

Treasure Chests- Choosing Helpers

I love to have creative ways of choosing helpers in Primary.  
I explain how and why I do this on this post here:

Here is another idea I have been using and am almost through...

I have had these boxes for years.  I originally purchased them from either Michaels or Joanns.  I then stained them, hot glued jewels, and added a vinyl of Junior and Senior.

The coins I purchased on clearance but you can find them at party stores or in the party section of stores.  I use the labeling system that I explain in the original post about choosing children found here.  The white strips above on the coins are those labels with the names covered for privacy issues. :)

When I introduce a new choosing idea I like to relate it to the children or to a song.  With this, I told them how much I treasure my time with them and that they are the real treasure to me.  You can never tell them enough how special they are!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Skittles Review Game

We did a very easy review after learning a song today.  After teaching the children the song, and feeling like they had it down pretty well, I needed to have a chance to repeat the song a few more times.  I called up one child and had them close their eyes.  Then I picked out a Skittle from my bag and showed it to the group.  I then proceeded to put it in the child's mouth (note: make sure your hands are clean for this activity!)  We sang the song and the child with the Skittle had until the end of the song to determine which flavor/color they had been given.  If they guessed it right, they chose the next song, if they were wrong, then I chose (I picked the song we were reviewing).  Simple and effective.  Everyone wanted a turn!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

"As a Child of God" Melody Map (3rd verse)

Hey there!  Sharla Dance did an awesome instructional page and video on melody maps!  You can view that here:

I loved the idea but wanted to incorporate it into the 3rd verse.  Here are the files for the melody maps I made for the 11x17 size.  The first 2 are the 3rd verse and the last 2 are the chorus.  I used the same symbols and colors as Sharla uses on her page.  She is a genius!  I got the the 3rd verse inspiration from Heidi on the LDS Primary Choristers Facebook page.  Thank you ladies for sharing your talents!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"As a Child of God" with rhythm sticks

Back in November we had a chorister get together and we were able to come up with a way to teach a song and share it with the other choristers.  I got to do "As a Child of God."  I am sooooo glad this was my song because now I am all ready for the beginning of the year!

Here is what I have planned!  I decided to give rhythm sticks a try and I got A LOT of inspiration from Sharla Dance.  I hope all the notes make sense!  If I have some time I will try and post videos later in the month... :)

Here is the poster I will use for the chorus to help with introducing the rhythm sticks.  I had it printed on 11x17 and laminated it.
I will try and post a video later... 
but until then this hopefully explains the chorus:
3 pats on the legs starting on "child" 
("as a" is the pick up so you don't do anything)
The clicks in the air start on "God". 
Do the pats and clicks through the word "light". 
Starting on "Holy Ghost" do the leg slide on one leg 
then "helps me" on the other. 
"know what is right" do 4 clicks on a rainbow above your head

Here is another version of the song "As a Child of God" that has a little more for a pianist to play.  
Thought I would share!
(permission given by Julie Mace Van Ry)