Sunday, February 12, 2017

"Choose the Right"- egg shakers and body percussion

I am so excited about this idea!!!!  We will be doing it today!
I am using it to teach the 3rd verse of "Choose the Right" but it could easily be applied to learning or reviewing any song...

Watch these 2 clips... they will give you the idea of how this activity works!  The first one watch the entire way through, but the rumble ball one just watch the first minute or so...

Set Up:
Arrange chairs in a circle, one for each child and teacher.
(note: we have a large primary so I received permission to use the cultural hall and also I am doing all singing/sharing time, so I hope to be able to get through all the activities... adjustments may need to be made according to the time you have)

I have provided the information below in a printable and editable word document... 
just click on the link below:

 Sit all the children and teachers on chairs in a circle

“Give Said the Little Stream”  cs236 (clap on “gives” stand on “S” words)

Attention Activity:
Rub hands
Cup clap low
Alternate clap/ cup clap low
Pat legs
Rub legs
Stomp feet
Rub legs
Pat legs
Rub hands
Wiggle/shake fingers
Wave alternating hands
Flip hands back and forth
Pat neighbors hand
Slowly pat your own hand and then neighbors
Speed up

Start singing!
Echo sing verse (you sing a line- everyone else sings echo)
Sing chorus together

Sing song again all the way through

Egg pass- sing the song passing egg shakers one at a time until everyone has one

 Ball Activity:
Shake your eggs to fit the action of the ball

Toss ball in the air a few times
Bounce ball a few times
Roll ball across the ground
Bounce like basketball
Bounce ball and let it stop on own
(Invite a teacher or older child to bounce the ball)

Egg Shaker Activity:
Sing the song passing the egg to the right on word “right” and left on word “light”

Clap on word “choose”

Combine passing and clapping

Sing the song again and have them pass them in (just like they were passed out)

Keep singing until all the eggs are back in the basket

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