Thursday, January 26, 2017

What's Missing?- Review Idea

A review game I used for "As a Child of God" but it could easily be adapted and used for any song...

What's Missing?
 On this board I had these items hung up using magnets
(some with magnet clips, others with magnets taped to the back of them)

The primary children looked at the board for 30 seconds to begin with (usually while I gave instructions) and then the board is removed  (we took it behind the piano by a presidency member who was helping).  
A child was chosen to come up and remove an item.  
We sang the review song while the item was being picked.  
When the song was over the board came back out.  
If a child figured out what was missing, they would raise their hand.  I would call on them and if they got it right, they got to pick the next item to take off the board.  
Whatever item was found missing would have a song to sing with it.
We did not add the item back, but kept it off, so the game got easier as it went on, but the children were anxious to know what song went with each item. 

A number of them were for the review song, but others were wiggle/fun songs.  Some items were for the review song but would indicate a certain way to sing it.  It was fun and low prep.  Gather random things from your house and put them on a board.  I have seen this done on a tray but with the size of my primary it wouldn't be possible to be seen by the entire group unless I had it up.  It worked well and both Junior and Senior had a great time!

Here is the list of what my items were and what they stood for:

“As a Child of God” song items:
 CTR ring
CTR magnet

Smiley face ball- catch and sing (up on the air don't sing, in my hand do)
Boy and girl- boys sing, girls sing
  Flashlight- lights out

Other songs:
Maraca (“I Wiggle” 271)
Bird (“In the Leafy Treetops” 240)
Nest (“Birds in the Tree” 241)
Sunglasses (“Popcorn Popping” 242)
Glove (“My Hands” 273)
Duck (“Give Said the Little Stream” 236)
Snowflake (“Rain is Falling” 241)
Sun ("Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam" 60)
Rolling pin (“Roll Your Hands” 274)
Sock (“Once There Was a Snowman” 249)
Spider (“Oh, How We Love to Stand” 279)

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