Thursday, January 26, 2017

Treasure Chests- Choosing Helpers

I love to have creative ways of choosing helpers in Primary.  
I explain how and why I do this on this post here:

Here is another idea I have been using and am almost through...

I have had these boxes for years.  I originally purchased them from either Michaels or Joanns.  I then stained them, hot glued jewels, and added a vinyl of Junior and Senior.

The coins I purchased on clearance but you can find them at party stores or in the party section of stores.  I use the labeling system that I explain in the original post about choosing children found here.  The white strips above on the coins are those labels with the names covered for privacy issues. :)

When I introduce a new choosing idea I like to relate it to the children or to a song.  With this, I told them how much I treasure my time with them and that they are the real treasure to me.  You can never tell them enough how special they are!!!

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