Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"As a Child of God" with rhythm sticks

Back in November we had a chorister get together and we were able to come up with a way to teach a song and share it with the other choristers.  I got to do "As a Child of God."  I am sooooo glad this was my song because now I am all ready for the beginning of the year!

Here is what I have planned!  I decided to give rhythm sticks a try and I got A LOT of inspiration from Sharla Dance.  I hope all the notes make sense!  If I have some time I will try and post videos later in the month... :)

Here is the poster I will use for the chorus to help with introducing the rhythm sticks.  I had it printed on 11x17 and laminated it.
I will try and post a video later... 
but until then this hopefully explains the chorus:
3 pats on the legs starting on "child" 
("as a" is the pick up so you don't do anything)
The clicks in the air start on "God". 
Do the pats and clicks through the word "light". 
Starting on "Holy Ghost" do the leg slide on one leg 
then "helps me" on the other. 
"know what is right" do 4 clicks on a rainbow above your head

Here is another version of the song "As a Child of God" that has a little more for a pianist to play.  
Thought I would share!
(permission given by Julie Mace Van Ry)


  1. Where did you get your rhythm sticks?

    1. I have a few of the red ones pictured that I bought years ago at the dollar store. I will be using chopsticks for my primary because we have 120 children... way too many to buy really rhythm sticks for! :) I know others have cut down dowels from Home Depot or bought dowels in the bags from places like Hobby Lobby. Others have used pencils as another cheap route.

  2. Thank you for posting, I love this idea! I would love to see a video if you get around to posting one! It would help so much!