Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pick a Pumpkin

This is a fun Fall time game.  I am using it for a singing time around Halloween, but it could be used anytime in the Fall.  I have 12 mini pumpkins, but you could use paper pumpkins or fake ones.  Really anything pumpkin shaped would work! :)

I am using the 9 songs for the Children's Songbook that have been transposed into a minor key by the very talented Tifany Hoecherl.  She originally posted them a couple years back on the Facebook page for LDS Primary Choristers.  I asked her for permission to post them here, and she graciously agreed!  Thank you so much Tifany for your hard work!!!  She also wrote new lyrics for some of the songs.  You can decide what works for you,  the original lyrics or the new ones. :)

 Out of the 12 pumpkins, I put a star on the bottom of 3 of them.

 Next line up all 12 pumpkins and mix the 3 starred pumpkins in.

Call up a child to pick a pumpkin.  If they pick a pumpkin with a star, they get to pick the song (a treat!) and if they pick a non-star pumpkin then they get to play name that tune (a trick).  Have the pianist play a few notes of one of the songs in minor to see if the primary can guess it.  Then sing the song. This would be a fun opportunity to explain the difference between what major and minor sound like.

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