Saturday, October 8, 2016

"Your Happy Birthday"

Another birthday idea!  
This birthday song is a favorite for the kids mostly because of the phrases:

Why not make those phrases even more fun?!?!?!
This idea is not mine... I found in via the Facebook group LDS Primary Choristers.  A very creative lady by the name of Sheryl came up with this and I knew I had to add it to our Primary's singing!  She provided smaller cards than I wanted, so I made my own and thought I would share...

plain wood box
plastic containers (you could use mason jars instead)
2 pinwheels
cake topper banner 

I painted the box white... or you could leave it plain.

I cut vinyl with the original phrases and my daughter painted them on :)

Next drill some holes to fit the dowels and sand the box to give it rustic feel.

You will need to print the phrases... These are the ones I am using (all thanks to Sheryl!) 
If you would like a copy you can find it

 There are 8 phrases for each original phrase.  I printed them on 2 different colors so I could keep track of which goes with which.  Each color pack goes in one of the 2 containers.

How to use:
The birthday child(ren) choose one phrase from each container. (So they choose 1 green and 1 pink card).  Each of those cards replace a part of the song.  See the picture below.  Sing the song like normal and just change the phrases when you get to them.
 I use the clip magnets  to put the phrases on the chalkboard because I have the birthday children do something else while we sing... I'll share that later... :)

Here is the front view:

Here is back:
I printed the first page in a 3x5 size and glued it to the back.



  1. Great idea! I missed the part though where you explained how you made the chalkboard. Can you share that too? Super cute idea!

    1. I actually just use the chalkboard at the church. Even though making a cute chalkboard to take is not a bad idea... :)

  2. Can you share what font you used? Thanks for sharing! I love this!

    1. Absolutely! It is KG Shake It Off Chunky... I downloaded it from