Saturday, September 24, 2016

Primary Go!

I was thinking that we needed a fun day after the Primary Program.  The children have worked so hard and need to have a down day.  
I also have a need to sing more of the fun wiggle/nature songs that I feel we don't get to very often.
  Thus was born Primary Go!  
I got the initial idea off of the LDS Primary Choristers Facebook page. There were a few ideas of using the popular Pokemon Go game to review songs.  I decided to use the game portion idea and combined it with amazing super powered characters from the Children's Songbook to give you Primary Go! (my version:)


You will need to print all the cards you are planning on using. 
 There are 14 character cards and you can pick which ones fit your Primary.  
Also there is a Primary Go back of the card.
 That is there to be printed for as many cards as you have and attached to the back of the cards.  
I would laminate for durability.  

I also have a map of my ward building I got years ago when I was Primary Secretary which I used as a map to the hidden cards around the building.  I printed off 8 different ones with a red star in the place the card is located. 
If you don't have a map, you could draw a rough sketch of the building or just have word strips that say "kitchen", "stage", etc.  That way they know where to go to find the card.

Get to church a little early to set up the cards in their places around the building.  Note, please be respectful of the chapel, classes in session, other wards that may be meeting, etc.  Make sure when you plan out your map that you place the cards in places that are easily accessible and are not disruptive to others attending church.


It's basically a treasure hunt game.
Choose a helper.  The helper chooses a map and with their teacher or other adult leader, they go on the hunt to find the card.  When they return, read the card and sing the song.  
Each card is labeled with a character from a song from the Children's Songbook.  Below the picture is a "superpower" that the character possesses, and in some cases it is something we would all like to have! :)
Some cards have a note on bottom for others that share the power. (ie- rain- "Rain is Falling" shares it with sun, wind, leaves, and snow) These are variations of the song or other objects included in the song.
 Sing the song listed and while you are singing, send out the next child to find another card.

Sing the song as many times as it takes for the child to get back.  Then switch songs and start again!

Simple and easy!  I am planning on trying to do 8 different songs (one for each class).  We will see if we will get through all of them or not...

Have fun!

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