Saturday, June 11, 2016

"Fun To Do"~ a welcome song!

This is a fun way to sing the song "FUN TO DO" cs 253
I came up with this idea 9-10 years ago.  That is actually when I made this pinwheel. :)  It has worked and has held up so well that I am still using it today! :)

Instructions on how to make:
1. Buy a pinwheel:  I got mine from the Dollar Tree. They usually carry them around the spring time.
                  *A little tip- buy one that is not a nylon material.  This is a plastic material and the vinyl adheres  so much better to this than nylon... learned this by experience :)
2. Cut vinyl lettering for each petal and adhere.
3. Buy a small bucket and using Plaster of Paris insert the pinwheel into the bucket. Let completely dry.
4. Cut vinyl again for the lettering on the bucket and adhere.

Instructions on how to use:
Have the child(ren) visiting come to the front of the primary.  Hold the pinwheel on its side so that the flower lays flat. (I do this so that if the pinwheel is a little uneven, it won't always land on the same petal.)  Have one of the visiting children spin the wheel and where it lands is how you sing the song!  Simple and easy!

I have them do different actions for each petal while they sing:
*saying 'hello'- wave at our neighbors and friends
*singing a song- wave our hands back and forth as if conducting
*shaking your hand- shake the hands of your neighbors
 *whistling a tune- sing the first line and whistle the second
*giving high 5's- give neighbors high 5's
*spin again- the visitor re-spins or if multiple visitors, have another one spin

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