Friday, June 3, 2016

Shhhhhhhh! Don't Wake Dad!

Here is a little Father's Day game that I came up with to play with the children during singing time!

I found the original idea here.  It's a "Don't Eat Pete" game turned "Don't Eat Dad!"  We are HUGE fans of this game in our house.  Everyone, and I mean everyone no matter the age, loves to play it.  So I started to mull the idea in my head how I could make a similar game work for primary to play up on a board. I also was hoping to bring down the noise of this game a little because if you have ever played "Don't Eat Pete", you know it can get a bit crazy! (At least at our house it does!:)  So evolved the game:
Shhhhhhhh! Don't Wake Dad!

Here are a few ways to play this game during singing time:
*While a child is placing the speech bubbles on the dads, the primary children can be singing. 
Stop singing when the dad is picked to say "shhhh, don't wake dad!"  Then finish up the song.

*Correspond songs to the different dads and have the children sing the song of the dad picked.

*Put songs or ways to sing on the speech bubble. 
The speech bubble placed on the wakeful dad is the song or way to sing to lull the next dad to sleep.  
This would be especially funny if the song was fast and spirited. ie "Scripture Power" :)

*You could have the children sing the song quietly and then loudly when the dad is picked.

*Also, if a child is able to get all the way through to the last dad, 
you could give them a reward of picking their favorite song to sing next.


For your info, these images were designed to be printed in 11x17 inch size.  I send them to my local UPS store.  The instructions are on the game pieces sheet.  I cut out the instructions and adhered them to the back of the game so that I would have them where I could always find them.  Also, I taped the 'sleep speech bubbles' to magnets which make them easily removable for storage later.

Hope this helps and enjoy!


  1. Thank you!! I LOVE this idea. If I can collect pictures of dads of each class, it would be fun to have each class do the challenge. Then, they can keep their dad's picture after playing?!

  2. So cute! How are you going to incorporate this into singing? Will the group sing while one child puts the zzz's on the faces? Thanks

    1. I just updated this post with a few ways to use this game in singing time. I used the first idea this Sunday and it worked great! Hope you can find a way to make it work well for your primary!

  3. Thanks for this idea our Primary has a No candy policy so this is a fun way to play this game with out having to deal with the candy thanks for the idea!

  4. Thank you so much!!! This is adorable!!