Saturday, August 13, 2016

"Our Primary Colors"

As a welcome song in Primary I love to use the song, 

It is a song I grew up singing and I feel it's one I want the children to learn before leaving Primary! :)  
Here is what I use to sing the song...

 These flags in red, yellow, and blue are BIG!  They are made out of a rayon type material and the letters are felt.  This project was completely hot glued, but could be sewn as well.
The visitor (and sometimes other helpers if their are not enough visitors) hold up each of the flags.  And we sing the song.  
If the primary children don't know the song well enough yet, I print and attach the words found below to the pole of the corresponding colored flag.  
Feel free to print them and use them as well!

Another little fun thing I like to do is bring in a triangle to play.  If you listen to the song you will hear a triangle played every time a color is sung.  So every time we sing "red", "yellow", or "blue" I ring the triangle.  Fun and engaging for the children... I hope your primaries have a chance to learn this song as well!

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