Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Activity Days- The Girls' Binders

I know there have been other great ideas for binders for LDS Activity Day Girls, but I thought I would still share mine.  This is what we are using and I'm very excited for the girls to have this!  When I was in Primary, in "Merrie Miss", my teacher gave us each a mini binder that was covered in fabric... Remember those days!?!?!  Anyway, every week during the lesson she would give us another page to add to the binder.  I LOVED it and still have it today.  I wanted to bring some of these memories to these girls as well! :)

Since I have 12 girls I had each girl pick up a mini size notebook instead of providing them.  That helped to keep the cost down. Plus, they were able to pick out one that fit their personality!  They sell them at Target and Walmart for $3-4.  The girls brought them to our "organizing party"!  At our meeting they were given vinyl to put on the front cover and their names cut out in vinyl as well for the inside cover.

 I also suggested, but it was not necessary, to purchase the binder dividers.  Walmart has them for $2.50.  But the binder is still very functional without it.  I had most of the girls decide to bring them.

I typed out labels for the tabs and gave them to the girls so that we could REALLY get organized! :)

 My partner and I got together and planned out the year.  Then we put together a 5 month calendar for the girls to put in their notebooks.  The second page that goes in there is the contact info for us as leaders and the list of girls and birthdays.  I will be updating both at the beginning of the new year.

This is probably my favorite section!  I have taken a couple of different free printables available online and mashed them together... :)  I will be doing an entire post later about what exactly I have in this section and how we will be motivating the girls to pass off the Articles of Faith! :)
UPDATE: I have a post about the A of F section in this notebook!!!
Click this link:
Activity Days- Articles of Faith

Journaling is hard but can be fun! I am hoping to help the girls out with these journal prompts.  I will be doing a separate post about these as well.... :)  Check back soon...
Update:  The Journal Section post is done!
Click this link:
Activity Days- Journals

This section will be added to with each activity we have in the future.  My partner and I will be making handouts that fit the theme of the activity for the week.  The girls will be able to collect up to 2 years worth of handouts before they move up to the next group.  This handout above is the first one they are receiving for their next activity...

 I told the girls that this section is kind of a 'catch all' place.  If I have something to give them that doesn't fit into the other categories, then it will find a home here! :)  I also purchased cheap pencil zipper pouches.  The ones that fit these size binders were too expensive so I bought regular ones.  I trimmed the edge off that had the holes punched for a normal size binder and then re-punched them to fit the mini binders.  This is where they will store the Faith in God booklets, pens, or anything else small that they may need.

This has been a very fun and fulfilling project!  I love to keep things organized and where I can find them.  I love the chance to be able to help the girls learn a little about this skill for their future selves! :)

p.s. I will post later about the BAGS we made to carry and store this mini notebook!  These bags were also part of our "organizing party"!
 UPDATE: The post about these adorable bags is done!
Activity Day Girls- Tote Bags 



  1. So so cute! Thank you for doing this for the girls. Raquel loves having you as her leader. 💜

    1. This is kind of my dream calling! :) I am really loving it and I'm so glad to have her in my group!