Thursday, September 1, 2016

Activity Days- Journals

Journaling is hard.
It is hard to stay consistent.
It is hard to come up with things to journal about.
(And I'm not just talking about the girls here... :) 
I think that a little push in the right direction and making it fun is just what the girls need to make this exciting!

These pages go along with the girls' binders that we use.  
You can find that post here:

Here is the plan:

 When the girls come to each activity, they will be able to have a few minutes to work on their journal as we wait for everyone to arrive.  This box will be out for them to grab the journal prompt they are working on.  They will start at #1 and continue to add to their notebook as each week progresses.  That way as the girls enter Activity Days, they will still have a chance to complete all the journal pages.  They can self manage where they are in the order.

 Each page is numbered and easy to keep track.  If they are not sure where they are, they can look back in their notebook and count their pages.

 I did not come up with the journal prompts.  I found some amazing ideas from different blogs that offer free kids' journaling pages.  I purposely picked ones that can be doodled on and colored.  I mixed them up in the order I put them in to add variety each time we meet.  I also added borders to some for more coloring options and shrunk them down to a half page size so that they will fit in the notebooks. Everything is printed on cardstock for durability.  The girls will have an array of markers and colored pencils to make this fun!
Here are the links to the different blogs I used:

Here is a little more info: 
I printed 2 of them at 75% scale and then glued them to a piece of paper. I then copied the page onto cardstock. I did the same journal page twice on a page, but you could do 2 different ones. I kept the originals to copy if I need anymore later on.

 In the box of journal prompts you will see the the last group of pages are labeled "Testimony".  I have the 8-9 year old girls and I thought that it would be neat for them to write their testimony as they enter Activity Days and then again as they leave.  I am hoping that when they leave they will have another opportunity to write down their testimony and see the progress they have made in the 4 years.  :)
This page is offered by Adventures in Guided Journaling (link above) and I added the word 'Testimony' to the top.

I hope that they enjoy doing this form of journaling and that they will like to look back on the pages to remember what they were like at this age... It's such a great age to work with and their excitement is contagious!

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