Thursday, September 22, 2016

"I Believe in Jesus"- song chart

This has been one of my favorite songs I taught this year.  
It is simple and beautiful, perfect for Primary!

This is how I taught it:
First I printed the song chart I created here.

Bring in 7 large (21in) paint sticks- the ones that are used for the 5 gallon paint buckets. And also bring tape to stick the pictures onto the sticks.  You will fit 2 pictures on a stick except for the last phrase in the chorus which has 3 small pictures (as shown below).  You will have a total of 2 sticks for each verse and 3 for the chorus.

I called up one child and had them pick 2 of the pictures from off the table.  I then handed him/her one of the paint sticks and placed the pictures picked into the right order. (The first time I had to bring up another child to help hold a second paint stick).  Then we "ooo"ed the song until we came to the pictures we had up and sang those parts. (Lots of "ooo"ing the first few times but I like that especially with a song they have never heard.  They get to hear the melody and are still learning the song.) I would then call up another child and would add 2 more pictures, repeating the "ooo"ing.  We continued with this until we had the whole song up and we sang it all the way through.

I would stop and give them hints and I would throw in a few hands signs to help them remember as we sang it.  I also liked pointing out how the melody moves while we sing the first "I believe in Jesus". 

After we completed in getting all the pictures on the sticks, I put them all up on the board and sat the helpers down.  We then played a hot and cold game for the remaining few minutes.  The children learned this song in ONE week!!!  It was amazing to see them pick up on it so fast!

Lastly, bear your testimony.  I liked being able to tell them that you can bear your testimony through song and this song is a strong and simple testimony of our Savior.  The words are something they can understand and relate to easily.

Thank you to the artists who wrote this song and made it available. Here is the link to the song.  You will need to scroll down to find it.  The list is in alphabetical order.  This song was submitted to and published by

And here is the YouTube video someone put together of this song:

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